We Need You!

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Are you over 60, plan to be over 60 or know someone who is over 60 – then please read on.

We at Hill Walking For The Over 60’s would like to invite, encourage or coerce you to take an active part in this blog/website.  If you have any stories, anecdotes or amusing situations that you are prepared to share then please contact us via the Contacts Page.

We don’t mind what it is providing it relates to hill walking for the older generation, and is, of course, re-printable!

Maybe you are thinking of taking up hill-walking now that you are approaching, or have reached, retirement age.  Not sure where to start and have a whole host of questions that you need answering.

We don’t necessarily need a huge essay.  Just a few words or some photos will suffice.  However, if you have something approaching a tome then we will still be interested in reading it.

Still interested?  Then go to our Contact Us page and fill in the form. Or drop us an email at glyn({@})60plus-hillwalking.co.uk  if you are on Twitter contact me at @G4CFS



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