Supporting Charity Walks

During a conversation with a gentleman in his 70’s, he asked me to publish something less energetic which a beginner of his age could take part in.  He said that he was very inspired by my Triple Three Peaks Challenge and my quest to raise money for charity.  So he challenged me to come up with something he could take part in which would help a charity and ‘kick-start’ him on the road to greater challenges.

This year I am heavily involved with fund-raising for the charity Parkinson’s UK and was invited by their Regional Fundraiser to join her at her local fund raising walk in July.  This got me thinking about the conversation with the gentleman and I quickly signed up for it.

The walk in question is the ‘Walk for Parkinson’s – Wilton House 2017.

It takes place in the grounds of a stunning stately home in Wiltshire and allows you to choose from 3 routes of differing lengths.

6 miles – a challenging route with steep climbs, rough terrain and long grass
3 miles – a challenging route, following the 6 mile walk but does not take in the woodland area
2 miles – a gentler route that includes long grass and gravel path

image courtesy of Parkinson’s UK

As with many of these charity walks they ask you for a £10 fee up front to cover costs and suggest that you should be aiming at raising a minimum of £50.  In return you get the satisfaction of knowing you have helped a great charity plus:

  • A Walk for Parkinson’s t-shirt
  • Fundraising advice, including a fundraising pack
  • Support with your training
  • A finisher’s medal

Virtually every major charity runs these types of fund-raising events and are ideal for the beginners, young, old or anyone who just fancies a leisurely stroll around the grounds of some great houses.  Search for you particular favourite charity, or one that has a personal meaning to you and see what they have to offer.

Its simple ~ Search ~ Sign-up ~ Stroll ~ Support.

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