Race To The Stones 14-15 July 2018


I have already started to look ahead to next years challenges and adventures.  Inspired by colleagues of mine Jen and Sim Benson I decided to take a look at the Race to the… series of ultra marathons.  Whilst primarily promoted as ultra runs they do include several walking categories.  There are three of these ‘races’ each year – Race to the Tower, Race to the King and Race to the Stones.  I am considering doing the Stones and the King challenges next year.


The Race To The Stones follows The Ridgeway from Lewknor, Oxfordshire to stone circles of Avebury covering 100km.  The ‘race is divided into several different categories suiting all physical fitness levels.  100km non-stop, 2 day weekender with or without camping, day 1 only 50km from Lewknor to basecamp and day 2 only 50km from basecamp to Avebury.

My plan is to walk on day 2 from basecamp to Avebury a distance of 50km (31 miles).  This will take me along the section of the Ridgeway that follows the North Wessex Downs past Uffington Castle and the White Horse, Wayland’s Smithy, Liddington Castle and Barbury Castle finally arriving at Avebury approximately 10 – 12 hours later.

ultra walking challenge

One thought on “Race To The Stones 14-15 July 2018

  1. I’m doing this too! Was meant to be running it, but think my physio may murder me as it stands currently (we shall see) so if I see you, I’ll wave!


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