Can The Car

It is with great delight that Hill-Walking For The Over 60’s announces the launch of their new initiative for 2018 – CanTheCar

Virtually every month we receive reports issued by Public Health England, the National Health Service or similar organisations regarding the appalling state of the nation’s health. Whether it is about obesity level of children or lack of brisk exercise in the older generation. It all comes together to create a picture of how unhealthy we are as a nation.


We have therefore decided it is time to encourage, inspire and coerce people out of their cars and onto their feet.

CanTheCar is about encouraging people to leave the car at home and walk to the local shops or walk the kids to the school.  It is about not going for that Sunday afternoon drive but a walk instead or maybe just taking a short drive to a local beauty spot then walking.  But more importantly – it is about giving yourself and your children the most important thing in life – health.

This is not a new idea and we don’t claim any originality for it – the concept of walking has been around for millions of years.  It is however, a fresh way of promoting it to the widest possible audience especially when liked into other like-minded bloggers.  The use of social media has taken off in recent years and has proven to be one of the best ways to spread the word quickly and efficiently.


We have set up a sister website with information about the initiative and how you can help and take part.  But our main thrust of promotional activity will be through social media.  On Twitter the ‘Head Car Canner’ can be found at @canthecar and on Instagram @canthecar using #CanTheCar.

Apart from the obvious and canning the car and getting outside we also want you to send photographs of you out walking to the shops, walking the kids to school, or just walking to us via social media or our email.  We will put as many as we can up on the insta page or the photo gallery on the website.

Please spread to the word – if you see a Tweet from @canthecar please RT and encourage others to follow us.


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