2018 Wishful Thinking List

The idea, the concept, the idiom of the ‘Wish List or ‘Bucket List’ is up there at the top along with ‘Fake News’ and ‘The DFS Sale Has Ended’. They are a pointless waste of time designed to create greater self-induced misery as you reach the end of the year with only half the list ticked off.  But we all do them.

For the last few years I have created a wish list for the coming year.  However, something always happens to me during the year which means I have to change, cancel, delay or just give up on some of the list.  This has happened so often that it’s just not worth trying again.


So whats the problem with not completing or even coming close to completing my wish list?  In a word – Grief.  Grief from my wife, family, sponsors and friends.  “Why say you will do all these things  when you don’t?”  “Not up to the challenge ah!” and so it goes on – so why bother?

Instead I am going to produce my wishful thinking list of things that I may consider doing some time during the year.  There is no commitment and compulsion to complete the list – call it a guideline which I can follow or, most probably, totally ignore!


Wishful Thinking List Of Things I May Consider Doing


  • Walk The Nile – Walk the equivalent distance from Khartoum to Alexandria 1630 miles between 1st jan & 31 Dec 2018.
  • Race to the Stones – one day 50km walk along the Ridgeway to Avebury, 14-15 Jul
  • Yorkshire 3 Peaks – 24 miles Pen y Ghent, Whernside, Ingleborough in 12 hours


  • Visit Yorkshire Dales
  • Visit Peak District
  • Visit Lake District


  • OS National Map Reading Week, Oct 18
  • Wild Night Out – 30 Jun 18
  • Continue the English County Highest Baglist
  • Walk For Parkinson’s UK – West Sussex 8 Jul & New Forest 16 Sep


  • Parkinson’s UK


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