Move it! And Be Happy.

I am delighted to be able to introduce Guest Blogger Prof Raeleen Mautner, of The Psychology of Aging Happy website. She is an author, public speaker and behavioral science advocate; former radio host, columnist and university professor. Her current project “Aging Happy: How to Knock the Nonsense and Enjoy the Best Years of Your Life”, fights anti-aging stereotypes and inspires readers to live with meaning, passion, and confidence–at any age.

Move it! And Be Happy.
by Raeleen Mautner, Ph.D.


There are a lot of reasons to keep exercising as we age, but one you rarely hear about is HAPPINESS. In a randomized trial of 120 male and female older adults with a mean age of 71, researchers found that participating in an 8-week physical exercise program had a significant impact on their wellbeing. Most experts agree that you don’t have to go to extremes, or even exercise as intensely as you might have when you were in your twenties. Just do something—and do it every day.

It’s been a while since I said good-bye to the Jane Fonda leg-warmer workouts, the gym weight machine routines, the mountain trail hikes (yes, even the White Mountains), and the long-distance jogs (ouch, my knees!). Throughout the years I’ve had home treadmills, steppers, skiers, weight benches, bicycles, mini rebounders–and yes, I would use them all. Back then. At one point I even tried preparing my graduate student notes while dong side leaps over a high step—and let’s just say that didn’t end so well. But that is how committed and determined I was. Back then my goal was fitness, but I also felt better when I worked out. My mind was clearer, I was better able to focus, and I felt more confident.

Then as the years passed and my body slowed down a bit, I began to lose my resolve to get back on the equipment or do the crazy high-intensity workouts I used to do. Yet I have always hated how I feel when I’m sedentary.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of men and women in their 60s, 70’s and even 80’s that keep to a rigorous exercise routine. I admire you if you are one of them. But if you are like me, and even the thought of doing a Yoga “screaming pigeon pose” makes you want to go lie on a couch and sit this one out—the answer might be to find an activity that is gentler on your body, more enjoyable for you, and is something you really look forward to doing each day because it makes you feel so good. Consider options like barre, basic Yoga (no headstands, thank you), 15-minute low impact interval training, Zumba, ballroom dance (or any other kind), or even a calisthenics routine you put together myself. Take the stairs, walk at lunchtime, or get up and march during commercials when watching the news.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you MOVE. Move a lot. Move every day. And be happy.

Reference: Khazaee-Pool, M., (2015) Effects of physical exercise programme on happiness among older people. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health nursing (22) 47-57.

© Raeleen Mautner, LLC (Link to original article)

raleen-dagostino-mautner-2Raeleen holds a Ph.D. in Educational/Cognitive Psychology. Having taught Psychology (including Lifespan/Developmental) to university students for over 25 years, she became passionate about teaching global audiences how to apply positive psychology principles to enrich their lives; which she has since then done through her writing and speaking events. She has authored three books (currently working on her newest one), written numerous articles, produced and hosted a 7-year long radio show; and wrote two newspaper advice columns.

Raeleen has worked in the field of research at both Yale University and the CT VA Healthcare System for the past several years.

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