Beauty On Your Doorstep

A lot of people are wary of walking too far away from their homes when they first venture out.  There is always that fear that they will start to hurt or feel ill and will need to get back home quickly.

To put these people’s minds at ease I decided to try an experiment from my own home.  Taking a map and centring it on my front door, I draw a circle with a 3/4 mile radius and planned an easy 4 mile walk within that.  This meant that at any point on the walk, you would only have 3/4 miles to walk back home.

20180128_100101 oth
The Moors Nature Reserve

To my surprise, I found that I could include a walk through a Nature Reserve, passed an old water-mill, and though a quiet country lane.

20180128_101517 oth
Reflections in a flooded lane

Take in a visit to a Medieval Bishop’s Palace, wander around a medieval village and take a coffee break at a local emporium.  All of this in an urban environment 5.5 miles from the centre of Southampton.

20180128_112619 oth
The Bishop’s Palace where Henry VIII signed an Alliance with the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V against France.
20180128_113405 oth.jpg
The grounds of the Bishop’s Palace, Bishop’s Waltham

If you live in an inner city or town environment, you can still find access to the great outdoors right on your door step.  One very useful tool to help you find your local ‘Green Space’ is the OS Maps app available for a free trial from this link.  You will be very surprised how much Green Space there is near to your home.

20180128_114152 oth.jpg
St Peter’s Street, Bishop’s Waltham
20180128_114058 oth.jpg
Bank Stree, Bishop’s Waltham

Ordnance Survey home

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