5 Things To Do This Easter

As we finally drag ourselves out of winter and into spring it is time for many to start thinking about getting out and about into the great outdoors.  For many walking through the winter has been restricted due to the weather or health problems.  I know personally that I have not fully recovered from a bout of flu that started on Christmas Eve!

However, we have Easter to look forward to and the pleasures of a 4 day break or the chance to spend some quality time with the Grand Children.  The question is, however, what can we do with our time that will give us some much-needed exercise and keep everyone occupied and happy!
walking blog 840x370This is my thoughts on 5 things to do over the Easter weekend.  You may wish to do something different and it would be lovely to hear what you like to do over long weekend holidays.

5 Things To Do This Easter

Visit a National Trust/Heritage Property

There are over 500 places to visit across England and Wales and over 100 in Scotland in the keeping of the National Trust and National Trust for Scotland.  In addition, English Heritage comprises over 400 historic buildings, monuments and sites spanning more than 5,000 years of history.  With over 75 Historic Scotland places and 127  Cadw sites to visit in Wales.
With this sort of selection there are few excuses for not paying one of them a visit.  Between all the organisations and charities that look after our national heritage, there is bound to be one near you.  Most have cafe and play facilities for the children, as well as thousands of acres of gardens and parkland to wander around.
Visit a National Park

Following the designation of the Peak District as the first National Park in 1951, the tally has grown to 15 National Parks.  The National Parks were created to conserve and enhance natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage, as well as promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities by the public.
Map-NationalParks2016-names-thumbThe National Parks are spread across the country with easy access from most cities and towns.  They really are some of the most beautiful and well-preserved countryside we have in the United Kingdom.  Most have visitor centres scattered around their estates to allow you to make the most of your visit.

Whatever activity you are interested in – you can usually do it in a National Park.

Go to your local park/play ground

Closer to home, every city, town or village has a park or playground.  Most of them have well laid out footpaths to facilitate a casual walk with the family.  Some have facilities but most are close enough to town centres and all that the high street offers.  These are great places to take the family as, in most cases, you will be able leave the car at home.
valentinepark.jpgWith all the spring flowers in full bloom, this is a great time of the year to pay the park a visit.

Take a walk along part of one of the National Trails or Long Distance Footpaths

There are 16 managed National Trails, each with their own unique landscape.  These vary from mountainous to coastal.   They currently extend to 2500 miles of footpath with a further 2800 miles due to open soon.  In addition to these, there are thousands of Long Distance Footpaths which cover the entire country.

You don’t have to do the whole of the trail or footpath.  Just choose a section near you or in an area that interest you and head off along some of the finest countryside in the UK.  Why not make it a family challenge to complete sections of a chosen trail  over the period of a couple of yearsnt_network_grey.png
Explore the Greenspaces around where you live.

We often think that if we live in a town or city that there is nowhere to walk.  Yet over 51% of London is ‘Green Space’.  This is area that can be used for walking or recreation.  A great device for finding out what green spaces there are near to you is the Ordnance Survey OS Maps App.  Download a trial version and see where you can go in your local area.
greenspace in london
Over the years many of our old railways lines have been restored as footpaths and these can provide some of the safest places to take the children as the only other users are walker, cyclists and horse riders.  The other thing to look for are canal towpaths that have been restored.  Many of these provide miles of walking along beautifully restored canals.

To get OS Maps App click here

until next time, #getoutside and have fun



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