The Great Outdoors Awards 2018

TGO Awards
Logo courtesy of TGO Awards

In the words of The Great Outdoors (TGO) Magazine Awards 2018

The Great Outdoors Awards are your opportunity to recognise the people, places and organisations that help us all get the most out of our time in the hills.

It is therefore a great honour to have been shortlisted in the nominations for:

Image courtesy of TGO Awards

It is not just that I have been nominated but who I have been shortlisted against.  Some of the names on the list are people I have looked up to or admired.  There are people who have achieved a lot in their chosen field.  But then – so have I!

I do not however, see this as a nomination for me, but for the cause that I am passionate about.  That is, of course, getting the over 60’s walking and going out on the hills.

So all I need now is your vote!!!!

Go to TGO website HERE and follow the links to the Awards 2018. You have to go through several categories to get the ‘Outdoor Personality’ list, so please don’t give up!

Every single vote will count, so please do not assume that everyone else will vote.  This means so much to me after 50 years service to walking, instructing and having fun in the great outdoors.



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