Grizzly’s Adventure Blends – Coffee

Review: Grizzly’s Adventure Blends – Coffee


Since I did the original review for Grizzly’s Adventure Blends teas, they have added Coffee to their range of products.  As I regard myself as something of a coffee connoisseur, I have always had a problem with getting a decent cup of coffee whilst out walking.  It seems as though Grizzly’s had the same problem.

The trouble was, the coffee wasn’t fresh enough, it wasn’t portable and instant coffee just doesn’t do the trick.

The solution was to get a local company to roast and package their chosen coffee to order, and the result is two very distinct roasts.

These are available as a 60g ‘Adventure Cub Pack’, or the 300g ‘The Big Bag’.


The Verdict

From the very first mouthful I knew I was dealing with a seriously good quality coffee.  The beans had been hot air roasted so they didn’t have that bitter taste associated with direct flame roasting.

The light roast has a complex floral and fruity flavour with a very distinctive slightly acidic after-taste.  Of Ethiopian origin it is predominantly made from the Arabica bean and so is low in caffeine.  Being the birthplace coffee, Ethiopia produces some of the best coffees in the world and this is reflected in this roast.

The medium roast has a pleasant nutty, chocolatey flavour with lovely sweet after-taste typical of beans produced in Brazil.  Grown at lower altitudes means that this coffee are relatively low in acidity.  Although not mentioned on their website I would suggest that this coffee is made predominantly of Arabica beans and hence with a lower caffeine level.

If you love your coffee whether you are at home or out on an adventure, I would strongly recommend trying Grizzly’s Adventure Blend Polar Bear Light Roast and Brown Bear Medium Coffee


Both coffee’s were brewed in a cafetière and consumed black, with no sweeteners.

Disclaimer: I was given a range of Grizzly’s Adventure Blends coffees by Grizzly’s Adventure Blends for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.


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