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I am always amazed at the lengths some people will go to in order to ‘have fun’.  Some choose to climb the highest mountains, other descend the deepest caves, whilst others prefer the longest trails. I have been watching the adventures of one particular adventurer and hero of mine, and I can finally present this ‘NEWS FLASH‘.

There is one particular trail in the USA which runs from Utah border in the north, down the entire length of Arizona, to the Mexican border in the south.  Known as the Arizona Trail its has a distance of 800 miles and has been completed by numerous people.  However, the Arizona Trail Yo Yo (N-S then S-N or vice versa), a distance of 1600  miles completed in one calendar year has only been achieved by 4 people.


Until now!

At noon on the 12 December 2018 Art ‘Karts’ Huseonica arrived at the Mexican border to set the record as the oldest person to complete the ‘Yo Yo’.  He was met at the border by several friends and seven Federal Agents!

So, apart from being only the fifth to complete the ‘Yo Yo’, what else makes this record journey so special?  Quite simply, the previous 4 had been in their 20’s and 30’s, this was completed by a 67 year old!

Mexican Border

The trail covers a variety of terrain including desert, mountainous and wooded and includes the crossing of the Grand Canyon.  Throughout the hike he was supported by frequent resupply drops by family and friends.

The full story will be told on his blog arizonianexplorer.wordpress.com  which is well worth a read as Karts is just one amazing pensioner.  You can also check out his guest blogger article he did you us after completing the first trail leg walking from the Mexican to the Utah border.


Hopefully Karts will agree to writing a further blog for us about the return leg and breaking the record – well done Karts, you are a true inspiration.

All Photograph credits to Karts Huseonica

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