One Step At A Time

When I say One Step At A Time, I do not mean the process for taking a walk but I literally mean One Step At A Time.

As we get older, one of the key things that starts to ‘play-up’ is our balance.  Having good balance is important for many everyday activities, such as going up and down the stairs? Maintaining good balance also helps you walk safely and avoid tripping and falling over objects in your way.

One way to improve our balance or slow down the loss is to take one step at a time.  By this I mean to do exercises that require us to stand on one foot at a time.

The stand on one foot exercise is a simple balance exercise that you can do almost anytime, anywhere, and as often as you like. You can do it while waiting for the bus or standing in line at the supermarket. As you progress in your exercise routine, you can add challenges to help your balance even more.

WHAT YOU NEED: A sturdy chair, your shopping trolley or anything to hold on to.


You can do this exercise while waiting for the bus or standing in line at the grocery. For an added challenge, you can modify the exercise to improve your balance.

  1. Stand on one foot behind a support, holding on for balance.
  2. Hold position for up to 10 seconds.
  3. Repeat 10-15 times.
  4. Repeat 10-15 times with other leg.
  5. Repeat 10-15 more times with each leg.

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