Review: Blis-Toes reusable toe comfort sleeves

Blis-Toes are marketed in the UK by Zurego, an independent family-run Health and Beauty supplier based in Cheshire, UK.  They test absolutely everything themselves before they even think about putting anything on the market.

In the words of Zurego:

Blis-Toes® by Blis-Sox® reduces impact and friction on toes for instant comfort and protection.  The polymer gel in Blis-Toes® stays in place without adhesive, meaning you can get all-day protection and comfort.

  • Specially designed toe protectors to relieve pressure and friction
  • Tough, durable, soft and flexible for all day comfort and protection
  • Absorbs impact and sheer forces to protect toes that are prone to blisters
  • Choice of sizes: Large: for big toe, Standard: for all other toes!
  • Can be cut to preferred length for a perfect fit
  • Wear all day, or put on when soreness is first felt
  • Soft flexible gel for a perfect fit
  • Washable and reusable up to 30 times

I occasionally get a ‘hot-spot’ and pressure sore on the outside of my big toe and have tried most of the regular blister treatment pads and skin repair systems.  They work but usually only last a few hours before they disintegrate and if they do last the day, they are not reusable.

I had already tried the Blis-Sox from Zurego and found them to be extremely comfortable and efficient.  So, when I was offered the chance to try out the new Blis-Toe product I knew exactly where I was going to use it.


Each pack contains four gel protectors, two large and two small.  I chose the large one and found it was the perfect fit both length wise and around the toe.  They can be cut to suit your toe length, for example to fit your little toe.  But in my case, I did not need to do this.

I used the same gel protector for three consecutive all day walks over mixed terrain using my usual socks and boots.  The weather was particularly warm for the time of year, so my feet were generating a lot of heat and moisture.  This was the ideal conditions to see if the gel protector would work.

One of my concerns with putting anything on just one toe, is the risk of friction sores and blisters to the adjacent toe caused by rubbing.  Additionally, knowing that my feet do sweat a lot I was also concerned that the walking action with damp toes would make the gel protector slide off the toe.

So how did I get on?

It took a little getting used to, though this was probably because I was thinking about it when I first set off on day one.  Once I was into my stride and pre-occupied with the walk and navigation, I completely forgot about the protector until I came to take my socks off.

large toe
Photo © Zurego

I am pleased to report that I did not get any pressure sore or ‘hot-spots’ on my big toe.  The gel protector certainly did what it was supposed to do and as importantly, it stayed in place.  However, for me the real test was whether it would go back on and work as well on days two and three.

The following two mornings the protector went back on without any fuss and felt as secure as it did the first time I put it on.  Through two more days the protector continued to remain in place and provide the protection that I was hoping for.

These are not a product that you would wear all the time.  If you have an ongoing blister or pressure sore problem, then consider getting your feet re-measured and possibly change boots or socks.

However, there are times when even the best fitting boots in the world will cause your feet to rebel.  This is where the Blis-Toes gel protectors will come into their own.  It is certainly worth getting a packet and keeping them in your rucksack.  Mine have certainly joined the contents of my first aid pack.

At the time of writing, the Blis-Toes were retailing at £5-99 a bargain addition to your rucksack.  For further information and to buy yours, click on the Blis-Toes image below.

Blis Toes

Zurego is run by our small family team who between them have many years of experience in researching, creating, and marketing high quality health & beauty products. We have worked for international giants, well-known local brands and small independent businesses, all of which has helped to give us an understanding of what you really want from your health and beauty products and, just as importantly, how to create something to fit that need.


Disclaimer: I was supplied a packet of Blis-Toes by Zurego Ltd, for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.



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