Ramblers #WalkInWinter Campaign

During the initial Coved-19 lockdown a lot of people across the UK started to take up walking as a means of getting their daily exercise. In order to keep this momentum going and get people walking on a permanent basis an 8-week social media campaign was established to inspire people to get out and enjoy the experience of hiking.

The campaign was driven by The Ramblers and their team of FeelMore Ambassadors. The result of this campaign was a growth in membership over the Summer, with numbers significantly higher than in previous years! During the campaign 5,100 new members joined the Ramblers.

As winter approaches and the daylight become shorter, the Ramblers want to help as many new walkers as possible to feel inspired and supported to keep getting outside and enjoy the incredible feeling of walking freely in nature, come rain or shine by creating the #WalkInWinter Campaign.

The winter campaign is all about wrapping up warm, embracing the elements and savouring time spent in the great outdoors. Whether alone or with a friend or family, the campaign will be spreading the word that a walk is the perfect way to reconnect with nature, with ourselves and with our loved ones this winter. 

Once again, it is an honour to have been asked to be one of the campaign Ambassadors and to help encourage, coerce. and inspire more people to get outside on the short, cold winter days. I will be putting a lot of photos up across my social media channels and would like you to do the same.

Take a picture of you and your family/friends and post it on your social media channels using the hashtag #WalkInWinter. Tag me @glyngetoutside and The Ramblers @RamblersGB and help us spread the word. But please remember to adhere to the Rule of Six or any other Tier restricts in force in your area.

To make your winter walking experience more fruitful, download the Ramblers App where you will find hundreds of walks near you, and to really make a difference – join the Ramblers. So, what are you waiting for? Put those boots on, grab a warm coat and #GetOutside for a #WalkInWinter.

5 thoughts on “Ramblers #WalkInWinter Campaign

  1. I personally don’t think we want to encourage newbies to go winter hillwalking myself – they need to go on a course and get the required tools first otherwise it will be MRT mayhem!

    I agree with encouraging people to walk in the lowlands in winter though – nothing worse than becoming totally inactive in winter. You need to keep circulation going for a start – especially as you age!


    1. A very valid reply, however, I have never encouraged newbe hill-walking, just walking in winter. It is possible to enjoy the benefits of winter walking without venturing onto a hill or mountain


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