Lunabands Bandana Headbands

Review: Lunabands – Bandana Headbands

The one thing I hate is being told to act my age and not my shoe size! At my age I can, and will, do as I please and that includes what I wear! As many of you will already know, I have a passion for Bandanas, Buffs, Snoods, Headbands or whatever you wish to call them. It is very rare that I will be seen or photographed without one on.

My issue has always been that the manufacturers of these bandanas were never adventurous enough. Their products are nice, and pleasant but not LOUD and BRIGHT. I needed something that was going to stand out in the crowd, be different! Something to go with my bright orange or lime green walking trousers! Then, I discovered Lunabands. WOW the world of bandanas changed overnight.

In the words of the founder, Rachael

My mission is to create beautifully designed, practical fitness accessories with the perfect balance of distinctive style and performance.

And that is exactly what she has done, created a range which stands out and makes you feel good. It is the pot of gold at the end of the multi-coloured rainbow

Rachael was kind enough to provide me with a couple of my own choice. That was the first problem! Their range is so fantastic, I found it almost impossible to select just two that I liked, I could easily have walked away with four or five and even that would have been difficult.

So first of all the Technical Stuff

  • Super soft lightweight Polyester microfibre
  • Seamless design for maximum comfort
  • Sun & UV protection
  • Dust & wind protection
  • Cold weather protection
  • Insect protection
  • Machine washable, line dry

In Use

It is very hard to write something new about a bandana.  The scarf is a tube of microfibre stretch material that fits over the head in a variety of different ways. It worked exactly as expected which is very important in my case being follicley challenged. It kept my head warm and wicked away any sweat generated to keep my head nice and dry.

But what was more important is that they made me feel good. As I said, I like to standout in a crowd and wear what I want, and these headbands did exactly that. When passing walkers say “that’s bright and cheerful” it makes me feel cheerful and on my first walk I was asked twice where I got the bandanas from.

I think that is what sums up Lunabands, they are bright, cheerful and make you feel good in yourself. That, and a damned good price of £5.99 plus FREE UK shipping!


What can I say but thank you Lunabands for starting up and producing such great products.

Despite the modelling on the website being all female, these are not just for females or youngsters. These are for anyone who wants something bright in their life. These are grim times we live in and we need something like this to cheer us up. Forget those age and gender prejudices about wearing bright colours. Be different, be that technicoloured walker, runner, cyclist.

Disclaimer: I was supplied with a Graffiti and Popart Bandana Headbands by Lunabands for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.


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