About Us

The person behind Hill-Walking For The Over 60s is award winning blogger and Outdoor Personality of the Year nominee Glyn Dodwell.


Glyn has been a hillwalker since he was a teenage when he spent weekends on Exmoor, Dartmoor and The Brecon Beacons with the Scouts.  He has worked and walked all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East.  He now lives in the South Downs National Park.

Throughout his walking life he has preferred the high ground to the lowlands and this passion continues.  He has taught hill navigation, mountain craft and survival techniques.

Glyn is not a streamline, super fit mountain goat, far from it – he carries a few more kg than he would wish and suffers from arthritis, chronic back pain and badly damaged knee cartilages.  He is also a Stroke survivor.  On top of all that, Glyn also suffers all the ailments associated with a misspent youth, partaking in extreme sports, or having fun as it was called in those days!

The blog started after Glyn’s wife suggested he write a book on hill-walking for the over 60s, as he was always moaning that there was no encouragement for this age group to get outside.  Not sure if he could write a book, he started this blog as a means of putting together a depository of material about walking for older people.

Glyn does not conform to the archetypal 60 something walker.  No, you will not see him wearing every layer regardless of the season.  He does not tuck his trousers in to his socks and most definitely does not put a map into a plastic case and hang it around his neck and wearing a high vis jacket!

You are more likely to see him is brightly coloured walking trousers, boots, trainers or even walking scandals.  He will always be seen wearing a brightly coloured bandana and occasionally wrap around shades.  Glyn does not conform to the Ramblers code of attire!

bright clothes.png

Now don’t get me wrong, he fully supports the work of the local ramblers’ groups they do a great job.  Glyn is even a member of the Ramblers (formerly The Ramblers Association) himself. The only thing that is wrong with many of these groups is their image and the way they project themselves.

There are many hundreds if not thousands of serious walkers on the hills and mountains every weekend who are over 60 years of age.  A lot of these have been hill walking all their lives but there is a growing band of newbies entering the wonderful world of the hills for the very first time.  It is these people that we aim to encourage along with all of those in the side-lines who are ‘thinking’ about it, or who ‘ramble’ but want more from their leisure time.

Through the blogs and pages of this website we hope to offer encouragement, ideas, skills and enthusiasm for all of those over 60’s who are just starting out on this venture or are thinking about it but not yet taken the first step.  Much of the information will be gleaned from friends, colleagues and associates who have been walking for many years and have a wealth of experience and expertise to pass on.

We hope you will enjoy the information gathered here as it grows and so I hope that you will all make regular visits to this site.  If you have information, thoughts and ideas that you think the site would benefit from then please feel free to contact us.


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