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If you mention hill walking for the over sixties to most people their first impression will be the group of ‘older people’ gathering in the car park on a sunday morning about to set off on their weekly rambling groups 6 mile walk along a country line.  They are a jovial bunch and enjoy what they do.  They do however, in the main restrict themselves to low level rambles rather than heading for the wilds of the high slopes.

Now dont get me wrong, I fully support the work of the local ramblers groups they do a great job.  I am even a member of the Ramblers (formerly The Ramblers Association) myself though I do not regularly attend any of its local events for the reasons highlighted above.  The only thing that is wrong with many of these groups is their image and the way they project themselves.
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There are however, many hundreds if not thousands of serious Hill Walkers on the hills and mountains every weekend who are over 60 years of age.  A lot of these, such as myself, have been hill walking all their lives but there is a growing band of newbies entering the wonderful world of the hills for the very first time.  It is these people that we need to encourage along with all of those in the sidelines who are ‘thinking’ about it, or who ‘ramble’ but want more from their leisure time.
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Through the blogs and pages of this website I hope to offer encouragement, ideas, skills and enthusiasm for all of those over 60’s who are just starting out on this venture or are thinking about it but not yet taken the first step.  Much of the information will be gleaned from my friends, colleagues and associates who have been walking for many years and have a wealth of experience and expertise to pass on.
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I hope you will enjoy the information gathered here as it grows and so I hope that you will all make regular visits to this site.  If you have information, thoughts and ideas that you think the site would benefit from then please feel free to contact us.

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