SueMe – Tree Trunk Blue Underwear


Review: SueMe Tree Trunk Blue Underwear

Without going into too much detail, I have been a M&S ‘Y’ front man for decades.  I have always shunned boxers or trunks as a form of underwear, so I was little concerned when these turned up from SueMe.  One of my biggest problems this summer has been chaffing due to excess sweating in the heat we have been experiencing.  I was hoping that maybe these would go someway to resolving this issue.

According to the company website, the SueMe Tree Trunk Blue underwear is:

Manufactured from Beech Tree pulp, SueMe® Tree Trunks are super soft, comfortable, fast drying and naturally antibacterial. Made with a 210g knit to balance fit and comfort with durability. 5% Lycra adds support and helps retain shape and fit, day after day, wash after wash. Seams are placed out of the way of rubbing or chaffing points. The care label is printed using water based inks. A mixture of flat and overlock stitching for comfort and longevity combined with a knitted elasticated waistband with a soft brushed back make SueMe® Tree Trunks incredibly comfortable.

I wore them on a long walk along the Southdowns Way on a damp, humid day, in the sort of conditions I knew I was going to sweat a lot.

My first impression was that they were very comfortable and had a soft feel against the skin.  A criticism of other under garments that I had worn had been the location of the seams and the fact that they rubbed.  With the SueMe’s I could not feel the seams and they certainly caused no problems to me today.

Throughout the walk I felt comfortable with no feelings of chaffing or discomfort. Any sweat that they absorbed was quickly wicked away leaving me feeling very dry and at ease.


Based on the fact they kept me dry and chaff free and were very comfortable to wear, I would recommend these underpants to everyone.  With the added bonus of the companies ethical approach to the manufacturing of these garments.  After decades of visiting M&S I may have just been persuaded to change – You are never too old to change!

For further details visit their website


Disclaimer: I was given a pair of Performance Underwear by SueMe for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.