The ‘Alternate’ Three Peaks Challenge


When considering a challenge for 2017 several different activities went through my mind.  Most I had to eliminate because of the amount of time I could get off work, especially as I was starting a new job at the end of February.  Friends suggested the Three Peaks Challenge, the Yorkshire Three Peaks and the Welsh Three Peaks.  All of which were very good but only really entail a weekend for each, and the Welsh Three Peaks was already on the agenda for later in the year.  No I needed something that would challenge me throughout the year!

Well the answer was simple – it was the Three Peaks Challenge! – but not the Three Peaks as you know it.

My challenge for 2017 is to:

“Walk hills/mountains whose total height equals, or exceeds, the combined heights of the three highest mountains in the world”.

Everest – 8848m

K2 – 8611m

Kangchenjunga – 8586m

Total Height – 26045m

Or 2171 metres per month

So, what will this challenge achieve – well nothing except to prove that age or ailment is no barrier to getting outside and up those hills.  If I can do at 60 with severe back pain and arthritis then YOU can do it.  In addition I will also be carrying all of my radio equipment and communicating with other Radio Amateurs from each summit.

Give it a go and surprise yourself, you will certainly feel the benefits very quickly.

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It is better to be on the hill than over the hill