Top Herd – Protein Snacks


Review: Top Herd – Protein Snacks

Looking for a 100% natural, healthy, light weight, meaty protein snack to keep you going on the hoof?  Then I think I have just what you are looking for.

To para-phrase Philippa, the co-owner of Top Herd

One of the cornerstones of our new way of eating was getting more high protein foods into our diet.  It was fine when we were at home, but it got a bit more challenging when we were out and about.…….we wanted a healthy snack, that was high protein and low carb – something we could eat on the hoof………we started knocking up some delicious marinades and learnt the art of air-drying meat which preserves it.

The result was a range of high protein, low carb and fat snacks in a range of flavours all created from healthy 100% natural ingredients.

The products sent to me included Honey Mustard Premium Pork Jerky, Smokey BBQ Grass Feed Beef Jerky, Mild Chilli and a Tomato Lean Salami.

All of their products are:

High protein
Low fat – made with less than 7% fat
FREE FROM Sodium Nitrite/Sodium Nitrate
Gluten Free
Made from good quality lean pork
The perfect snacks for kids and adults who are looking for a quick convenient 100% natural snack for their healthy (but still tasty) lunch box



Well, I can truthfully say that these were some of the best protein snacks I have tried in years.  I am a lover of Salami and Beef Jerky but tend to find the ones I get from the shops are very salty.  I need not have worried because these were not salty in the least and did not leave me feeling thirsty.

For a simple, tasty, healthy and light weight snack to eat on the go, I can do nothing but give the Top Herd protein meat snacks the ‘Highly Recommended’ Glyn GetOutside seal of approval.  This is a first-rate snack to throw into the rucksack.  Well done Top Herd on a great product.

Visit Top Herd to see their full range of products


Disclaimer: I was given a selection of protein snacks by Top Herd for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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