Trekmates – Friktion Gloves

Review: Trekmates – Friktion Gloves

Highly dexterous GORE-TEX glove with + Gore grip technology for superior grip performance.


friktion_gloveWe usually only ever think about gloves during the winter months when the temperature starts to drop.  However, I have found as I have gotten older, I get cold fingers with temperatures below 15C.  This is due to ‘circulation issues’ as I have aged.

Therefore, I find myself having the wear gloves first thing in the morning when setting out on a walk.  The problem is that I do not want anything too thick or my hands will overheat.  As a result, for some time I have worn liner gloves designed to be worn inside heavier duty winter gloves.

Now, I am not sure about you, but I tend to use my smart phone for several things when walking.  Such as, OS Mapping App, Strava for distance tracking and, of course the camera.  It is also used to upload images whilst walking to Instagram and Twitter plus the occasional call home for an ‘Ops Normal’.

glove phone

There is a slight problem with this and that is – you must remove your gloves to get the phones touch screen to work.  This is a faff and an inconvenience.  So why not wear a glove that allows you to use the touch screen whilst still wearing the glove.  This is where the excellent Trekmates Friktion Glove comes in.


  • Durable, water-resistant outer with abrasion-resistant Amara panelling
  • GORE-TEX technology is durably waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • GORE-TEX + Gore grip technology for increased dexterity
  • Brushed polyester lining for comfort
  • Adjustable hook and loop cuff for a secure, low-bulk fit
  • Pre-curved fingers for performance fit
  • Non-slip silicone print on palm and fingers for secure grip
  • Stretch microfibre panel at back of thumb for wiping glasses
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Weight: 110g

In Use:

I have had a chance over the past 2-3 weeks to try these gloves out.  Whilst the temperature has not been very low, it has been around 7C when I have started walking early in the morning.

I have a slighter larger than large hand but not quite XL, so I went for the Large size.  I apologise for using the term, but they fitted like a glove.  The material is soft but malleable, it takes the natural form of the hand due to the pre-curved fingers and felt very comfortable, without being overly tight.

After adjusting the wrist strap on my trekking poles, I found that the gloved fitted comfortably with the grip on the poles.  I was able to feel the fact that I was holding the poles and could sense the tactile nature of the grip.  Unfortunately, something that other gloves do not allow.

For me the acid test was whether I could operate my smart phone or not with the gloves on. This took a little getting used to as I found the gold grips on the fingertips do nothing to the touch screen at all.  However, what I found was that the end of the fore finger was made of a different type of material and this worked well with the touch screen.

glove phone 2.jpg


I found these gloves comfortable, sensitive and tactile.  They are very comfortable to wear and do not impede the dexterity I need with my trekking poles. They do work with a smart phone though not in the way I originally thought.  These will work for me as a mid-temperature range pair of gloves (0 – 10C), it will be interesting to see if they are as good in lower temperatures this coming winter.

I would recommend these gloves in what is a very competitive market.  Whether the £60 price tag will have an impact on sales I do not know.  But I would say money well spent.



Disclaimer: I was supplied with a pair of Friktion Gloves by Trekmates for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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