The Great Outdoors Magazine – Outdoor Personality of the Year 2021

It is once again a great honour to have been nominated for the Great Outdoors Awards 2021 Outdoor Personality of the Year. My nomination reflects the work I do in encouraging the over 60s to get outdoors and maintain or take part in an active life as they approach retirement.

With an ever-rising percentage of our national population being over 60 (30%) and set to increase further over the coming years, it is important that we continue to exercise in whatever form we can. For me this is walking, and I fully appreciate the advantage to my physical and mental health this brings.

In order to vote for me please follow this link and work your way through the Categories until you reach ‘Outdoor Personality of the Year’ Then tick Glyn Dodwell. The voting closes on the 22 November and remember every vote counts.

Thank you

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