Buff – Knotted & Polar Fleece Hat


Review: Original Buff – Stig Knotted & Polar Fleece Hat

Having a complete absence of hair on my head (other than the beard) I always wear headgear.  In the summer it tends to be Bandanas to protect against sunburn and in the winter I love a good old-fashioned beanie or bobble hat!  So imagine my delight when this dropped through the letterbox from Buff.

Knitted Hat featuring an inner fleece band for better protection in cold environments. BUFF Lifestyle Collection accessory designed for style and protection.

NEW Stig Knitted & Polar Fleece Hat
100% Acrylic, Fleece Band, Weighs 115g

Product Filter Attributes
Category Hats Knitted & Cotton
Thermal Comfort Cool (-10/10̊ C)
Colour Blue
Fabric Type Acrylic
Collection Lifestyle
Size One size
Brand: Original Buff

First Impressions

The specification and design of this particular hat seems very similar to every other bobble hat on the market.  There would seem to be little that can be done to improve on the design.  However, what Buff have done, place an inner fleece band, about 6cm wide, around the inside of the hat.  This has served several roles –

It offers extra protection in colder conditions by offering a warm layer next to the skin.  It has wind proofed the part around the forehead and ears. Finally, very useful in my case, it helps to wick away the perspiration during a strenuous walk.



As we are just about to enter that time of year when the temperature is dropping and we are starting to layer up more.  This will be an excellent addition to the autumn and winter apparel.  It is manufactured to the high exacting standards we have come to expect from Buff.  For those who are colour and fashion coordinated, it also comes with a matching, knitted, fully fleeced lined neck warmer.


Disclaimer: I was given a Stig Knotted & Polar Fleece Hat by Entice Communications, on behalf of Buff for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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