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Review: SplashMaps Personalised Toob

I had the very good fortune to receive the chance to create my own personalised toob from SplashMaps.  As many of you will know, I wear toobs all the time as a bandana and occasionally as a scarf.  So I was really excited about this opportunity.

The process of getting my personalised toob could not have been easier.  Go to SplashMaps Website and select Stage 1 under ‘Create A Personalised Map’.  This brings up a map template set to the 1:25k OS Map scale (though I believe 1:50k is coming soon as well).  Centre the map on your favourite place, whether it be your home, your favourite mountain or your favourite walk.


At this stage you can settle for a personalised map or upgrade to the Toob, Super-sized Map or Shower Curtain.  In my case I selected the Toob.  You can then add your personal title to be printed on the map (up to 50 characters).  Then finally add to cart and sit back and wait for it to arrive.  It could not be easier.


SplashMaps strapline is The wearable, washable, all weather map designed for the real outdoors”.  Now call me an old cynic – but a map made of cloth that you can use to navigate!  What about the stretch when in use, shrinkage after washing, ability to remain ‘square’ and not distorted?

I asked these questions of SplashMaps and this is their response –

The fabric that they use is – Pro fabric (the standard and most popular SplashMap fabric as it’s weatherproof and breathable). This polyester fabric has virtually no stretch so it is ideal for taking bearings, yet it can be scrunched-up easily and stuffed anywhere.

Toob fabric is a dense microfibre elastane content polyester – It holds a perfect map image and can keep you warm in multiple head-worn ways.

Durability testing of Pro fabric:

Resistance to light – 1 year window test was successful in demonstrating <5% fade and discolouring.

Washing test – Totally clear and readable content still after 20 washes.

Attrition test – used by mountaineers and scraped across rock faces. No loss of image experienced as the printing is NOT a surface treatment, but instead is sublimated into the fibres of the fabric itself. You can’t say the same for paper, plasticised paper, Tyvek or any other surface printed product.

Strength & stretch test –  demonstrated many times at any shows we’ve done where we invite people to tug-o-war with us using a SplashMap!



The Toob arrived within a few days of placing the order, do not expect next day delivery – this is a personalised service.  The quality of the fabric and the printing was outstanding.  The map was very clear and as easy to read as any paper map.  It was just as if I had opened a 1:25k OS map but made of fabric.

I wear a bandana for two reasons – in the summer it protects me from the sun (I have a shaven head) and it helps to absorb sweat on a hot day.  In the winter it keeps my head warm and comfortable without overheating.  If the weather gets too cold I place a woollen hat over the toob.

The toob performed exactly as I expected it to.  It was comfortable, moisture absorbing and offered the environmental protection I require.  The map I chose was one of my favourite walks so I tried it out as a map on this route.  The bearings I took from the SplashMap were identical to that taken from a paper map.  There was absolutely no difference in accuracy and ability to use.

If there was a down side then it was when trying to take a distant bearing, I needed to find a relatively flat area to lay the SplashMap down.  However, when taking the same distant bearing, on my paper map, the wind was blowing it all over the place!

This product is excellent and does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’.  It serves as an excellant multi-functional Toob, as an accurate and easy to use map, and is a great talking point when out walking with others.

Remember that I only had the chance to look at the Toob, I have not yet looked at the rest of their extensive range.  SplashMaps has proven that the humble map has unlimited potential as their range now includes formal wear, van linings, shower curtains and a whole host of different apparel.

Convinced?  Then why not order one of SplashMaps wide range of fabric maps – just click on the image to enter an amazing world of fabric maps.

confidence-in-your-adventure bottom


cartoon me 3

Disclaimer: I was given a Personalised Toob by SplashMaps for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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