Lomo – Elite Sunglasses & Headover Scarf

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Review: Lomo – Elite Sunglasses & Headover Scarf

Over recent years I have come to be known for my sunglasses and bandanas, it has become my ‘trademark’.  So, I was grateful to Lomo UK for inviting me to try a pair of their Elite Cycling Sunglasses and one of their Headover Scarves.  Yes, I know, I don’t cycle but the last time I looked it was still the same sun!

So, what do I want in a pair of sunglasses?

Primarily, they must protect my eyes from the sun, they must reduce glare when walking early in the morning as the sun is rising.  They must be comfortable; I will be wearing them for up to 6 hours at a time and they have to be light weight.

What does Lomo UK say?

These high-quality running and cycling sunglasses have interchangeable lenses; orange tinted category 2 sunglass lenses, clear lenses for duller conditions and darker category 3 polarised lenses.

They feature a soft nose bridge, and padded leg inserts to make them comfortable to wear.

Weighing in at only 25 grams these running and cycling sunglasses are very light to wear and should fit well enough to stay on your head without the aid of a strap in most bumpy conditions.


  • Soft nose bridge.
  • Wrap around style
  • UV400 rated polycarbonate lenses for protection against UVA & UVB rays
  • Category 2 orange lenses for bright days
  • Clear lenses for dull conditions
  • Category 3 polarised lenses for bright sunshine or very low angle glaring light.

First Impressions:

On first opening them, I was impressed with how light yet robust they felt.  The package contained the glasses with three different lens and the carry pouch.  Never having had a pair of glasses with interchangeable lens I was a little concerned that there were no instructions included.  However, a quick look at the product on the Lomo website and the problem was solved.


In Use:

Fortunately, my first walking day after the delivery of the glasses had a bright sunny start. It was therefore decided to start off with the polarised lens and see how well they performed.  First impressions were very encouraging.

By the time I started walking, the sun was just a few degrees above the horizon and very bright.  With the polarised lens on, the glasses removed all but the most persistent glare and made my vision comfortable without having to squint.

selfie polarised

Three hours into the walk and the cloud cover had all but obscured the sun, so a quick change to the orange lens and suddenly, the world brightened!  One word of caution, when taking photographs, take the glasses off so that you can see what the light is really like.  It saves the disappointment of looking at dull photos when I got home!

Overall, I was walking for just under four hours and had the glasses on the whole time.  This is something I could not do with my previous shades because the bridge of my nose became sore.  This was not the case after wearing the Lomo Sunglasses.  The soft nose bridge material coupled with the weight of only 25 grams made for a very comfortable wear.

What do I want in a Headover Scarf?

I have no hair left so I need to protect my ‘dome’ from sunburn, keep it cool during the summer and keep it warm during the winter.  I also perspire a lot and I hate the feeling of sweat running down my face into my eyes.  So, I need something to absorb and wick away moisture.

What does Lomo UK say?

Seamless, microfibre, vertical stretch, these headover scarves have all the features of the market leaders but at a fraction of the cost.

They can be used as a scarf, a beanie, a bandana and in numerous other ways. Popular with everyone from hill walkers to sea kayakers.

Gradient colour scheme fades from black to blue.

In Use

It is very difficult to write anything about a scarf that has not already been said.  Generically referred to as a buff (in the same way that vacuum cleaners are called Hoovers).  The scarf is a tube of microfibre stretch material that fits over the head in a variety of different ways.

wearing headscarf

However, what makes this one different is that it can compare and compete with the best on the market but at a more affordable cost.  I must have well over 100 ‘headscarves’ and I have spent over three times what this one costs yet it does exactly the same job in the same way!

If I could make but one change, it would be to add some brighter colours to the range!


I am very impressed with the quality and performance of the Elite Cycle Sunglasses and the Headover scarf.  Whilst the sunglasses may be targeted at the cyclist market, they are excellent for all outdoor pursuits and could be marketed to a wider audience.

The headover scarf certainly protected me from the sun today as evidenced by the white/brown line across my forehead!  They also performed very well at absorbing and wicking off the perspiration.

For their price, both products are an outstanding buy as proven by having been awarded the ‘Value Award’ by MBUK Magazine and given four stars ****.

I recommend both products.

Lomo Logo 300x300

Disclaimer: I was supplied with a pair of Elite Cycling Sunglasses and a headover scarf by Lomo UK for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.


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