Trekmates – Hiker Shock Walking Pole


Review: Trekmates – Hiker Shock Walking Pole

I have been an advocate of walking /trekking poles for many years and have found that as I have grown older, they have become more an essential than a luxury.  I have always used two poles in the Nordic walking style, so was intrigued when I was asked to look at a single hiking pole.

In my teens and early twenties, it was the fashion to have a natural walking stick hewn from a branch and highly polished.  This was, inevitably, adorned with little plaques of all the places that you have walked.  Oh, how times have changed.

Trekmates describe the pole as:

Ergonomic walking pole with anti-shock system, perfect for longer walks.

Their website offers up very limited details of the pole except for a specification

  • 6061 Aircraft Aluminium for durability
  • Double locking twist mechanism
  • Multi-grip EVA handle
  • Tungsten carbide tips for lightweight durability
  • Supplied with 32mm mud baskets
  • ON/OFF Anti-shock system
  • Wide adjustment seamless wrist strap


I have used this pole on several local walks over mixed terrain.  I considered comfort, support, balance and durability.  As a dual pole user, it took some time to get used the idea of only using one pole, but that is not a fault with the pole.

The design follows standard lines, being made up of three telescopic sections and is fairly easy to extend to the desired length by following the label clearly marked on the pole.  The anti-shock mechanism can be turned on or off by an additional twist of the upper collar, more on this shortly.


I found the pole gave me stability and support when negotiating awkward sections of the path.  It appeared to be sturdy enough to take the ‘punishment’ I tend to handout to trekking poles.  I felt though, that it was a little heavy at approximately 28 grams.

The EVA multi-grip handle was very comfortable to use and the wrist strap easily adjustable and very comfortable to wear.  In fact, I preferred this grip and strap over those used by more expensive trekking poles.


The anti-shock mechanism would probably suit some people, unfortunately, it did not suit my style of use.  When I turned it off, there was still some movement in the pole which I found disconcerting.  Additionally, I did find the 32mm mud basket too small, it was generally ineffective against anything other than firm ground. It would be better with a 45mm basket.

Overall, I found this pole sturdy, stable and durable.  It was very comfortable to handle despite its weight.  The only downside for me was the anti-shock mechanism.  Within its price range (£20) it is a Good Value Buy.


Disclaimer: I was supplied with a Hiker Shock Walking Pole by Trekmates for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.



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