Review: Blis-Blox Reusable Comfort Patches

Have you ever found that during the summer on a long hot walk your feet can swell a little creating hot spots under the laces or around the ankles?  Do you have a pair of shoes or boots that occasionally rub and cause soreness leading to potential blisters?

Personally, I can answer yes to both but the one that really annoys me when I wear my walking sandals.  Because of their rigid construction on get a sore spot on one of my ankle bones that I cannot seem to overcome.  I have resorted to single use blister patches or wearing my Blis-Sox on the offending ankle.

None of these were ideal, so I was delighted to see the guys at Zurego have produced a ‘Reusable Comfort Patch’ called the Blis-Blox.

In the words of Zurego:

The silicone gel in Blis-Blox is occlusive, meaning it stays in place without adhesive, so you can put it where you need it, whenever you need it; Suitable for sport, running, hiking, walking, golf and gardening; Safety tested, hypoallergenic, odourless, washable and reusable.


  • Instant Pain Relief, All Day Cushioning, Reusable and Washable
  • Adhesive-Free, Fabric-Topped Gel Patches to Prevent Blisters & Abrasions
  • Soft, occlusive gel stays in place without leaving any sticky residue
  • Absorbs friction to protect skin wherever you need it
  • Cut to size to use on all areas of the foot and leg
  • Perfect for new footwear, boot chafing, ski and skate boots
  • Instant Pain and Pressure Relief •Cushioned Comfort and Protection
  • Use in all styles of footwear; active, leisure or formal
  • Hand-washable and reusable

In Use:

I have had the opportunity to use this product now for over 6 months with all types of footwear. As I mentioned earlier, I get hot-spots and blisters when using my walking sandals, the same is also true of my walking shoes.

Having identified the areas that get sore, I cut the patches to size and attached them to my skin. In the case of the sandals I was not wearing socks, so the patch was in direct contact with the offending part of the sandal. With my shoes I was wearing a single sock.

I both cases the patches remained in place and offered total protection over a full range of walks and weather conditions. Even when my feet started to sweat in the height of summer, the patches remained firmly in place. At the end of each walk, I was able to remove the patch and save it for further use.

There was no residual tackiness left on the foot after the patches removal and the I used the same patch over 20 times throughout the summer.


I have found Blis-Blox to do exactly what they say on the packaging. They have protected my time and time again and when used in conjunction with the Blis-Sox and Blis-Toes, Blis-Blox offers a total foot protection that I have not found from any other product.

I highly recommend Blis-Blox and the full Blis range.

Zurego is run by our small family team who between them have many years of experience in researching, creating, and marketing high quality health & beauty products. We have worked for international giants, well known local brands and small independent businesses, all of which has helped to give us an understanding of what you really want from your health and beauty products and, just as importantly, how to create something to fit that need.


Disclaimer: I was supplied with a packet of Blis-Blox by Zurego Ltd, for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

All images supplied by and copyright to Zurego

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