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Guest Blogger – The Walkers Club, Scotland

Having spent 23 years living in Scotland, I have a great passion for the Scottish Countryside and its beautiful mountains. Because of this I have followed The Walkers Club on social media for sometime now. I love what they are achieving, which is to promote Scotland, Scottish walks & local businesses.

So, the next time you decide to head to Scotland, check out these guys first and become part of their amazing experience. Just take a look at what these guys are up to, you will not regret it.

Your Scotland walking and tour companion – The Walkers Club

Founded in 2018 by Ruth Campbell, The Walkers Club offers long distance walkers in Scotland a unique and fun way to track their walking journeys, and to document their experiences and discoveries along the way.

The Scottish Highlands offer so many diverse opportunities to explore and discover the breath-taking scenery, local towns, and unique sights, yet as we all know, memories fade over time and once one returns to the usual pace of life, these experiences can sometimes be forgotten.

The Walkers Club is comprised of an informative website for walkers who are preparing their trip, offering maps, suggestions of local places to stay and visit, as well as articles about Scotland and things to see and do around the 4 walks that are offered.

The introduction of the hands-on app, which is available for free in both the Apple and Android play stores, expands on the offering by allowing walkers to track each stage of their working, journaling about their experiences, adding photographs snapped along the way, as well as a convenient checklist of items to pack before embarking on your journey, recommended campsites, places of interest and even a leader board to track your journey, and, if you have a competitive streak, to compete against other walkers on the leader board.

The idea for the app was born when Ruth and her husband met two hill walkers at their local pub one evening, the walkers had just completed the first stage of the West Highland Way from Milngavie to Drymen, and over the course of the day had walked roughly 19km/12 miles through beautiful scenery and a variety of weather(s) – just a typical day in Scotland, and of course they were tired but very satisfied that they had completed the first stage of their journey. Only seven more stages to go…

The walkers mentioned that they really wished that they had a way to capture their feelings, thoughts, and memories of the day in a journal of sorts, and a light bulb was switched on for Ruth. The Walkers Club was born!

This personal journal provides a keepsake that can be updated after each stage of your walk, allowing for some quiet time to reflect on the activities of the day and capture them while still fresh in your mind.

There is also a paper version of the journal available for those who prefer a good old pen and paper over a digital app, yet both provide an opportunity to capture moments that can be re-read time and time again – even by future generations.

The Walkers Club also offers some interesting merchandise for walkers to assist them to remember their trip, unisex branded T-shirts detailing the routes and offering catchy slogans such as ‘Best Boot Forward’ and ‘Snack Time Walk This Way’ as well as cycle T-shirts and medal packages to commemorate the Land’s End to John O’Groats route, and vice versa.

These T-shirts and medals also offer a great gift idea for walkers that may have completed the walk in the past, or even as a unique and fun Christmas or Birthday gift for walkers.

The Walkers Club also offer bespoke tours, designed to your very own specification, from a private luxury 8-seater Mercedes minibus to larger buses for bigger groups as well.  Why not take a day trip or even a week-long vacation spent visiting the areas in Scotland that YOU want to visit?

The team at The Walkers Club are proud of our beautiful country and endeavour to promote not only walks, but also Scotland as a whole, informing people of things to do and places to visit on their website and social media accounts.

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